Q. Should I use Tutor.com, Grammarly.com, or both?

Which is better, Tutor.com or Grammarly.com?


Both Grammarly.com and Tutor.com can offer writing support for items like spelling, grammar, and word choice. However, they can be used separately or together. We recommend using both!

Once you write a draft, you can use Grammarly.com to edit issues of correctness, such as verb tense, punctuation, and spelling. Then, you can use Tutor.com to revise. After that, you can use Grammarly.com one final time to catch any lingering errors.

The key question to ask yourself is this: Are you editing or revising?

When to Use Which Tool

Type of Writing Grammarly.com Tutor.com
Email X  
Discussion Post X  
Paper X X




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