Why can't I print from this book?

Why can't I download a book? Why do some books give me page limits for printing?


Sometimes a publisher will use digital rights management to protect their intellectual property, such as books or magazines. Digital rights management (DRM) refers to "technological restrictions built into digital content to restrict what the [user] can do with it, primarily involving ‘copy protection’ to counter unauthorized redistribution" (Chandler, 1). The publisher can use DRM to restrict how many pages you can print, download, or share. In most cases, you can still view and enjoy the full work online, even if you cannot save it to a personal device.


1. Daniel Chandler. 2016. Digital Rights Management. https://www-oxfordreference-com.libdatab.strayer.edu/view/10.1093/acref/9780191803093.001.0001/acref-9780191803093-e-375#.YG-BD8WkT_o.link

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